What’s up in library land? A bonus blog entry.

Hello, and welcome to the bonus blog entry for week 6 of SI 643!  One of the bloggers that I follow, Letters to a Young Librarian, has written about the recent libel lawsuit against Dale Askey by the Edward Mellen press. She has gathered a number of links to posts on the subject and, not wanting to be redundant where so much has already been written, has posted a humorous cartoon comparing the relationship between publishers and librarians to bears and (savage) chickens. I am always in favor of using funny comics to illustrate a point, so this was definitely a bonus.

The Gypsy Librarian used a recent blog post to review a book, namely How to Find Out Anything. It appears to be a good guide for beginners wanting to learn how to think like a researcher or effectively use Google’s advanced searching techniques. It does not have any information that would be new for librarians, but could potentially be useful to keep around to refresh one’s memory. More recently, the Gypsy Librarian has posted about books that he still needs to read in the hope that announcing this publicly will motivate him to take some action.

The Unquiet Librarian’s recent entry has a more professional flavor. In it she shares a recent presentation, Nurturing Lifelong Learning with Personal Learning Networks, that she gave at the Ohio eTech Conference 2013. While I was already aware of many of the platforms and websites used to share information, she does a nice job summarizing different kinds of learning networks. The Free Range Librarian also shares her recent conference-going experience: ALA Midwinter. The discussion and the food in Seattle were apparently both excellent.

Seeing these entries has somewhat helped me come to terms with the idea of being a blogger. So far, I feel that my entries have been very formal, although perhaps this is understandable given the pedagogical subject matter of our readings. The above examples, however, mix serious professional entries with fun observations. Will I ever be able to navigate between these two poles with the fluency of the above bloggers? Hopefully in due time.


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