Tweets and Webinars

Well, it finally happened. I have a Twitter account, and I don’t even hate it! I think that much of my initial resistance to Twitter came from the fact that it was so incredibly hyped when it was just starting out, which for me was kind of a turn-off. Anyhow, I believe that it is useful as an initial way to inform people of new trends and events. Because Twitter users are forced to keep their tweets to 140 characters or less, this form of communication excels in cutting out superfluous information. A one-sentence summary of an article in a tweet could save me time so that I don’t have to skim an article and figure out whether it is of interest to me. I think that it is also a useful tool that can help me stay current with trends and what is being talked about among librarians in the twittersphere.

I followed a number of librarians whose blogs I already read, and also followed a number of their followers in the hope of getting a broad picture of what is currently happening in library land. A lot of people discussed the ACRL conference, which just ended. I feel like I am missing out because I was unable to attend! I was particularly pleased to read a number of tweets about there being a positive correlation between GPA and library use in academic libraries. The trouble is that most tweets relating this information do not include the source of said information. It seems that the Twitter user must be extra vigilant in following up on information from tweets and, if they are using the account for professional purposes, they must also filter through a lot of posts about what people are cooking for dinner. To me, Twitter seems like a useful but imperfect tool. I will be keeping my account, however, because nobody likes a curmudgeon, especially a curmudgeon in his late 20s!

In other SI 643 news, we are working on creating our first webinar! I am excited and I hope that it goes well. My group is discussing the difficulties that poor and rural students face when attending college for the first time. One issue that we ran into in class and later when working as a group was difficulty using the webinar software. Blackboard Collaborate works fine for us once we get it up and running, but I would like to see what other webinar software options are out there. There were just too many frustrating moments, both in class and meeting with my group, and all of these frustrations dealt with figuring out how to run the program.

Anyway, I’m going to keep it short and pithy this week because I need to get back to working on our webinar. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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2 responses to “Tweets and Webinars

  1. Really good point about having to be a vigilant Twitter user in order to find depth/citation in the informative Tweets. I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the information from the people that I follow and lack the time to effectively read it and process it. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of Twitter for me. Quintessential information overload.

    Regarding Blackboard Collaborate, we too had issues just getting the program up and running. We found it clunky and I am surprised that someone will actually pay for this program.

  2. “I have a Twitter account, and I don’t even hate it!” 🙂

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